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A Morning Walk

I went for a lovely, leisurely walk this morning. It was only about two miles, but it set me up for the day, got the blood flowing and the oxygen pumping. I really enjoy these morning walks, because it is one of the few times during the day that I can be competely ‘in the moment’. I leave the worries of the world behind me when I walk through the gates and into a different world. Bills, school-runs and housework don’t exist in this place. Here there is only the Autumn forest massaging my senses and clearing my mind.

Natures palette doesn’t disappoint as I catch sight of the edge of the forest, drawing me in to its canvas of green, red and gold. I walk where the fallen leaves are thickest. Unseen trickles of water surround me, treetops explode with crows startled by sound unheard by human ears. The air is cool, touching my fingers with a hint of the colder weather to come. I come to a break in the trees, and the sun blesses me with a whisper of warmth. I pause for a moment, and breathe in the forest air. The crisp leaves and damp soil bring the memory of a taste, the taste of a memory, of hunting for blackberries with my Dad. This forest is a healer, its aromatherapy is both grounding and uplifting.

I leave the forest reluctantly, the real world waits outside the gates. I am different now, not the same. The world is different too, harsh and hard compared to the softness of my forest. I will be back though, this soil, these trees, are my antidote to reality. I will be back when I need to reconnect, to nature, to myself, to simplicity.

I will be back tomorrow.