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The Energy of 2012

I was listening on-line when Heidi Sawyer spoke about the very changeable energy of 2012, (read about it here) but I mustn’t have taken it all in, as no sooner had I posted about being outside of my comfort zone than the fates had conspired against me & I found myself without premises & back working from home!

I was very surprised at my reaction, when I realised that the new premises were highly unsuitable for use. Rather than being disappointed, I packed everything into the car & headed back home (most of the boxes are still in my kitchen!)

I’m now running a psychic development class from my house & it’s working out great! I have 5 really nice psychic students & we’re having great fun 🙂 When Heidi mentioned the changeable nature of 2012 & how it would be best to ‘go-with-the-flow’, I guess I WAS listening after all!

Angel Blessings

May the angels keep you till morning.
May they guide you through the night.
May they comfort all your sorrows.
May they help you win the fight.

May they keep watch on your soul.
May they show you better ways.
May they guard you while you’re sleeping.
May they see you through your days.

May they show you new hopes.
May they still your every doubt.
May they calm your every fear.
May they hear you when you shout.

May the angels keep you till morning.
More than this I cannot pray.
And if the angels ever fail you.
Then may God be there that day.

Author Unknown