Solstice 2015

There is a knowing within you that healing is needed, on a deep emotional level. You cannot allow life to get in the way of your healing and ultimate transformation any longer. Your soul has its very own story to tell and until you let 2015-10-01 08.53.00go of ‘history’ you cannot tell your true story. The healing can only begin once you have acknowledged the painful chapters of your story. You have to feel it, to heal it.

Up to now, you have stayed within the confines of story that was told to you, the story that was given to you by the world. You have sacrificed your light up to this point. You may have allowed some of your light to shine through the cracks, but you have never really been allowed to shine your glorious sparkling iridescent self.

What if I told you that people need to see your light? They need to see you free from the constraints of your history; free from the story you have been told. Free from the pain of your past, from the pain of your family’s past, from the pain of your soul’s past. People need to see your light shining in all its Divine glory, so they can begin to believe that they too can shake off the stories they have been told, the history they have been born into.

There is a light within you so bright it can never be dimmed. The Solstice is the perfect time to make the commitment to yourself and to all of humanity. On the longest, darkest night of the year, will you start shining your light for the entire world to see?

We need you.

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