Outside My Comfort Zone!

I am SO far out of my comfort zone right now it’s almost scary.

I say ‘almost’ because in fact, I am incredibly excited too. I have just taken on a new place in Abbeyleix where I can do readings, teach classes and the rooms can be hired by practitioners by the hour too (there is a shortage of this type of thing in Laois). So there’s no hiding behind ‘well I just read for friends’ or ‘I’ll wait until I have another course done’. This is it, serious business! Time to grow up (!) in the psychic reader sense. I’m coming out of my cocoon of being a practicing caterpillar and becoming a wonderful doing butterfly.

The support I am receiving from my friends and family is phenomenal (do-doo-be-do-be) hehe sorry can’t help myself when I hear that word :-). As I say, the support is wonderful BUT I’m really on my own when it comes down to it. No-one else can make me get out there & talk to people, sell myself & take advantage of opportunities as they arise. No-one else can make me go to bed at a reasonable hour and make sure I get a good breakfast (Well okay, Heidi Sawyer’s doing a pretty good job of that!). You know what I mean though? This is me, my project, my baby, my success or failure. Funny enought I’m not as scared of failure as I am of success. Sounds daft right? What if I’m successful and can’t handle it? If I’m successful people will expect more from me, more time, more quality. What if I don’t measure up – they might realise I’ve no business passing myself off as a successful business woman. WHO DO I THINK I AM?!

When my thoughts head down that direction, I realise that it is my EGO talking. To be truly successful I have to get my ego to stay quiet and trust that my soul knows exactly what it is doing. I imagine my soul doing a ‘Cesar’ on my ego – have you ever seen the Dog Whisperer? TSCH! Down Ego!

TRUST – that is my lesson here. I must trust that there is divine order and timing to everything – why would I be stressed when this is exactly where I should be and what I should be doing?

Recent events in my life have changed my perception of certain things, and I keep hearing the title of that book in my head (no girls – not THAT book!) The Susan Jeffers ” Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway” Right so – here goes!!!

One thought on “Outside My Comfort Zone!”

  1. Exactly! The problem of the ppeole here nowadays is ‘sticking with “comfort zone”‘! Actually, it is not only the problem of the children (including teenagers), but also of nearly everybody. Otherwise, WHY do the ppeole spend (waste? :-P) so much time, money and effort for all sorts of certs, dips and qualifications? And WHY shall employers ONLY want (or only choose) applicants with ‘RELEVANT qualifications’??? THAT is a MAJOR PROBLEM of this society!!!

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