Heal Your Family Tree: a multi-generational approach to healing recurring patterns in your life


My Goal  is to get people thinking about the patterns in their lives which may have also been present in the lives of their ancestors. I have found that by simply being aware of recurring patterns, and acknowledging that these patterns have existed for generations in your family, the very nature of those patterns is changed.

In my own family tree, I have discovered 5 generations (that’s over 110 years) of children that were orphaned very young. In my present generation, this has led to various degrees of abandonment issues, separation anxiety etc. Many of my ancestors were military men, ‘heroes’, how do you think this would impact on their descendants who live ordinary lives? I imagine self esteem issues & feelings of inadequacy would be prevalent.
These patterns affect so much of our lives and yet we may be completely unaware of them. Think for a moment about an area in your life which is ‘stuck’. Money, relationships, career, social standing, can you relate any issues to family history? For instance, if you work hard but never seem to have enough money – look at how your parents & grandparents felt about wealthy people. Was there a ‘them & us’ feeling? How often did you hear ‘Money is the root of all evil’?   We have an opportunity now, unlike any other generation gone before us, to transmute the patterns handed down to us. We also have a responsibility to our children & all future generations to make those changes NOW. We mustn’t blame our ancestors – on the contrary – we should thank them whole-heartedly for bringing us to this point of awareness.
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